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​Introducing Strelka Summer 2016

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This year’s Strelka public programme theme is "New Mindset".

In the last couple of decades we have been in a constant state of anticipation of new technological revolutions and discoveries that would turn our understanding of the world on its head. That’s how penicillin and space travel happened to us. Society is constantly expecting a universal cure for cancer, teleportation, or at least a new communication channel that could compete with the Internet. Meanwhile, almost unnoticed, the world around us is being transformed. "New Mindset"— is an attempt at catching the fleeting feeling of zeitgeist, of global change and global processes in order to better understand them and learn how to use them for our own good. 
How New Thinking is changing the way we approach architecture?
Why today designing plazas is a much more respected occupation than designing office blocks? How new buildings are integrated into old cities and how to pull the smartphone user outside? Landscape urbanism experts Adriaan Geuze (West 8) and Martin Rein-Cano (Topotek 1) will provide answers to these and many other questions this summer at Strelka.
Directors and founders of international practices will talk about the changing approaches to construction and design. Reconciling concrete and nature, landscape and technology — Snøhetta masterfully integrates new architecture into the environment to the point when it is hard to tell where water ends and the building starts. Reiulf Ramstad Architects follow centuries-old Scandinavian traditions using innovative materials. Guggenheim Museum curator Troy Conrad Therrien reveals new potential of museum architecture with the help of contemporary art and digital technology, while Steven Holl’s bureau creates museums that look like something pulled straight out of Star Wars. All of them will deliver their lectures at Strelka this summer.
What happens to everyday objects?
Only yesterday we were completely satisfied with a wrist watch, but today even the Apple Watch seems to be lacking a function or two. A couple of years ago Uber was only starting to gain its popularity, while today its redesign is discussed worldwide. "New Mindset" is an attempt to apprehend this change — why and how it happens. One of the programme’s speakers Mirko Borsche argues that brainstorming is pointless and offers revolutionary poster designs for the Bavarian State Opera. National Design Award winner Michael Rock popularises collaborations with architects on books, graphics and even posters, while becoming a proponent of a whole new visual language. Finally, Hort proves to be one of the most fearless companies in the world: for 20 years its founder Eike Koenig has been treating work with industry giants such as Nike or Disney like pure playground fun.
Why urban dwellers prefer Tinder to meeting someone in a cafe?
Social networks, apps, 24/7 access to email, working from home and getting your qualifications online — it has all been radically changing human communication. For the first time, personal and even intimate life of big cities will be discussed at Strelka. One of the speakers, Middlesex University cultural studies, media and communications professor Feona Attwood will describe how social media has transformed our sexual lives.
How old places can tell new stories?
This summer for the very first time Strelka will host guided tours of the Red October and the whole of Bolotny Island offering a fresh look at the familiar place. Routes designed by the Moscow bureau «Москва глазами инженера» ("Moscow through the eyes of an engineer") will allow you to explore industrial archaeology and peek behind closed doors of the former factory premises.
What does technology bring into culture?
Organised in a partnership with British Council Russia, Future of the World conference will focus on the word in the digital age, while a 3-day forum Selector Pro will allow the participants to find out the secrets of the British music industry. Beat Film Festival and Documentary Film Centre will demonstrate on a wide screen how contemporary directors, scriptwriters and cinematographers understand "New Mindset". And finally Sila Sveta — a creative company responsible for Swan Lake and Mayakovsky light projections, as well as 3D-mappings at Outline Festival — will host a workshop "How to create a multimedia show" for artists and art directors.
How does New Thinking work in business?
Entrepreneurship has become one of the key drivers behind urban processes, a way of personally contributing to change in the city. This summer, as part of the talks and lectures series organised by online school Vector, successful entrepreneurs, as well as public sector workers and citizens will discuss the fate of hostels in Russia, the hidden potential of ordinary things and finding your own niche, prospects of loans for start-ups and why guided tours have re-gained their popularity.
Does New Thinking allow time for leisure?
Regular parties at Strelka Bar with the best Russian and international DJs return for another season this summer. The rooftop terrace is finally open and ready. The Institute’s yard will be hosting gigs in a wide variety of formats this year — from new academic music to electronica. Get your summer attire and the comfiest sneakers ready to dance the night away. By the way, your sneakers will also come in handy at regular workout sessions in the Strelka yard. Each week will be dedicated to a new type of physical activity: fencing, boxing, acro yoga, capoeira, aerobics, pilates and many others. Join us in the mornings with energetic music provided by Moscow DJs.
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