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Do not mess with the internet: Digital August programme

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Strelka is launching Digital-August — a month-long programme of events dedicated to the internet, future of technology and user interface development. Design, online-education, mobile applications, technologies of augmented reality — these are some of the topics that will be explored at numerous workshops, lectures and discussions. Thirteen events in total, featuring top-managers and designers from Google, Huge, Spotify, and founders of some of the most frequently used servicessuch as Gett, Rocketbank, Aerotaxi, Readymag and many others. Here is the full programme of events prepared for you by Strelka Magazine.


Workshop: Tim Nolan “How to create an urban digital service”

Running time: 2 days
For whom: strategists, advertising specialists, product managers, digital creatives
Need to order a taxi— there’s an app for that right on your screen. Craving a takeaway dinner but don’t want to leave the house — no problem, one programme offers hundreds of cafes and restaurants, located nearby and fully at your service. Urgently need a cheap ticket to New York — there’s a solution for that waiting for you at the App Store. Most of our everyday needs can be satisfied with the help of nothing but a cellphone. Tim Nolan, creative director at business strategy agency Huge, invites you to explore the apps from the inside — from the point of view of a developer, manager and an advertising specialist. At the two-day workshop curated by Tim participants will have an opportunity to create a concept for a new urban service.
About the speaker:
As Tim likes to say himself, he’s a true product of the New York City’s “Silicon Alley” where all the most successful media and internet companies are concentrated. Tim Nolan has been working for the internet and on the internet since 1996. In those
19 years he managed to become the founder of a digital agency  Universalscene, secure a top position at Huge and become a part of the Rhizome Council. Nolan also worked in a dozen of renowned advertising agencies. His projects won several awards such as “Cannes Lions”, Effie Awards, Webbys and One Show. Projects for Google, Playstation, Infiniti Motors, Porsche, General Electric и Microsoft are all on Tim Nolan’s CV. And, by the way, the extremely absorbing art-project #cachemonet is also Mr Nolan’s creation.


Lecture: Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra “How to open your own design-studio”

Nearly every designer after a few years of working for a studio, begins to think about starting his or her own business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fancy office like Tumblr or Pinterest, work only on the projects that you like, without having to sell your soul to the devilish client and compromise when amending designs? But reality is more complex than that and definitely less romantic. Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen will talk about transforming a small studio into a hyper successful project and share their experience including all the achievements and failures they went through on their way to the top.
About the speakers:
Both Anton and Irene climbed their way from junior designers to founders of their own business. Their studio  Anton & Irene is known well beyond Brooklyn and their projects are not limited to web-design. On their CV you will find projects for CNN, Nickelodeon, BBC, National Geographic, USA Today and Red Bull, moreover almost every month Anton and Irene deliver workshops and lectures in various corners of the world. They have more than a dozen of prestigious awards including Webby, Emmy, Red Dot, .NET, Awwwards and, obviously, “Cannes Lions”. And, yes, their office does indeed deserve a specifically dedicated board on Pinterest.


Workshop: Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra “How to sell your idea”

Running time: two days
For whom: copywriters, content-managers, developers, project managers in digital-design
Design is not just about convenience and accessibility, it’s also about the originality of idea. But how to maintain it with burning deadlines, conservative clients and several projects due at the same time? Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra generate ideas almost 24 hours a day and of course have their own secrets for making their source of creativity inexhaustible. During their two-day workshop using a real client brief as an example designers and participants will go through an intense brainstorming session, while Irene and Anton will teach how to present and sell your idea without coming off as insane.
Discussion: “Digital transportation services and their influence on the city”

Uber collects items for charity, Yandex.Taxi offers promocodes, Gett sushi delivery is cheaper than a restaurant delivery — online apps have flooded the market and changed citizens perception of taxi travel. It’s rare that you see someone hailing a cab on the street, every second person has become an expert weighing pros and cons of each application. And it’s not just taxi — there’s ridesharing BlaBlaCar that helps you find companions for a long distance trip, Aerotaxi for express airport transfers, Wheely for corporate clients and dozens of other unique services for all kinds of rides and trips on four wheels. Why have these companies invaded the market, how does it affect the “old guard”, how different is the way we treat taxi rides and what consequences could we expect in a couple of years — these are the topics for discussion that experts, application developers and passengers themselves will talk about.


Workshop: Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra “UX-design for designers”

Running time: two days
For whom: digital and UX-designers
User experience is now discussed not just in professional publications but even in popular press. The UX abbreviation has entered the speech of users, employers expect job candidates to be familiar with this term, but are all designers aware of the actual possibilities it provides us with? During their two-day workshop, Anton, Irene and the participants will look at a couple of case studies, talk about the right ways of approaching a design concept and objectively critiquing and analysing ideas. As the workshop will include many practical tasks, its essential that participants bring their own laptops with design software installed: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch or Omnigraffle.


Workshop: Rahul Sen “The art of data to dating in digital products”

Running time: two days
For whom: digital and UX-designers
How many of the applications that have been on your phone for years are regularly used? The relationship between the user and the software isn’t just about consumption — it’s love, understanding, forgiveness and even respect. Like any other relationship it can end in a month or turn into a life-long affair. Designer Rahul Sen thinks that the latter effect is the one designers should aspire to produce if they want to be successful. Sen works with Spotify — a programme so popular in the West that its users are not even tempted to apply for the free 3-month Apple Music subscription. During his workshop Sen will talk about creating a long-lasting and prospective product and updating and developing it after its launch in order to increase the number of fans.Participants will learn how to create a design that invokes trust, how to widen the target audience of the product and plan the future of the application at the development stage.
About the speaker:
Right now Rahul Sen works on the design development at Spotify. Before that he worked for New York company R/GA that created the Nike+ brand. Also on his CV are projects for Procter and Gamble, Huawei, HP and GE Healthcare. Right now Rahul is living in Stockholm, he likes graphic novels and ramen. If you want to understand the work and art of Sen better, just take a look at his wedding.


Lecture: Rahul Sen “Relationship sauce. The art of data to dating in digital products”

This lecture is a demo-version of the workshop dedicated to creating long-lasting and successful apps. Using Spotify and its interface as an example, Rahul Sen will talk about gaining user trust via design and explain the reasons that make people love the same apps for years. Just as an example: Spotify has more that 20 million subscribers, 75 million active users and more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists.


Discussion: “How apps influence our habits”

Do you know that 6-year olds do not register websites anymore and use only apps? Have you noticed that these days in order to get something you rarely ever enter your browser preferring an application instead? Do you remember the last time you payed for something in cash? Order lunch, pay rent, remind a friend about a gig, order flowers, order a taxi or a cleaning service, write a complaint on your neighbours, take out a loan and even propose — it seems there’s an app for everything. But is it all that rosy, isn’t it making us less human and less alive by limiting our contact with the real world? This issue will form the discussion between specialists from Qlean, RocketBank, Gett and several other companies.


Discussion: “Augmented reality: AR in the city”

Augmented reality is a technology that applies a layer of virtual information on the real world. This can be achieved by wearing special glasses, for example. Our perception of AR is mostly shaped by such films as Star Wars and The Matrix and understanding of its usefulness in real life is only just starting to emerge. Nevertheless, in 2015 augmented reality is already actively used in the sphere of entertainment and is being gradually adopted by museums, banks, schools and universities, in the army and even in the fashion industry. At the discussion you will find out what prospects does this technology have in Russia, how it is used by companies today and why in future augmented reality will inevitably change our perception of the city. The speakers will be representing such companies as Playdisplay, Interactive Lab, GiveAR и WayRay.


Discussion: ”Publishing platforms. Design against patterns”

Do you know what, Bloomberg Professional and have in common? They are all made using the same platform — Wordpress. On the basis of such services as Readymag, Tilda, Stampsy, Blogger and WIX, you can create not just a cosy private blog, but also a fully-fledged magazine, online store, portfolio or photo album. Because there exist pre-made patterns ready to be used by anyone you no longer need to hire a professional designer or learn HTML and CSS. Will content platforms replace traditional websites and how they influence the development of web-design in general — this will form the basis for discussion between specialists from Yandex, Funkypunky, Charmer and several other companies.


Discussion: “Online education. New challenges for traditional jobs”

The closing event of the Digital-August programme will be a discussion dedicated to trends in online-education. Today there are thousands and thousands of courses published online devoted to all sorts of subjects. Online you can learn knitting, developing SMM-strategies, planning cities and managing a business. But only a few of us know how these services function and how they were created. At the end of August professionals who make video content, develop courses and shape the agenda of online education in general will gather at Strelka with teams of such educational projects as Arzamas, Vector, Digital October and Netologia-group sharing their experience.